Aquae Vitae

Aquae Vitae

More later but we are excited to have (almost) finished our (first?) kinetic fountain: Aquae Vitae! A few minor tweaks to come, of course.

Except for the screws, nuts, inserts, bolts and shaft, most parts fabricated were by us. We also repurposed an old steam valve, an old spigot and, of course, the big wine bottle, glass and barrel, and a few decorative items.

We learned a ton. Oh my. This was a wee bit more complex than we imagined when after looking at the wine bottle fountain, we said “Wouldn’t it be cool if the glass tipped and refilled?!”

Well, yes it is very cool! It looks so simple, as complex things often do. There are magnets. There are counterweights. There is friction. There are gears.

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