Silver Heart Fountain

Fountain #3 got it’s name from the aluminum heart we added to the front. It’s the fountain that has gone through the most edits I think.

fountain #3

We changed out the flowers for succulents and removed the back plant stand. We’ve changed out the pouring urn for a flat heavy pot. We really like the way the birds come to the other fountain and were trying to replicate the surface they like. But the sound wasn’t right and the birds still weren’t fond of it.

A few weeks ago we decided to switch it up again. I had a few abalone shells on the ground near it and a light bulb went off. I went out back and gathered up a few more. We held them up so one poured into the other and the sound was a nice murmuring. Aha!

We quickly welded together a hanging structure to hold the abalone shells.

abalone shell fountain

Later we gussied it up a bit, welding on a piece from an old wrought iron chair. Success! The birds like their new three tier bathing station.

2 thoughts on “Silver Heart Fountain”

  1. I have been looking for a beautiful fountain, since FOREVER, and I finally found it. I LOVE the abalone shells, where the water goes thru the natural holes in the shell. Thank you so much for this beautiful idea.

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