Wine Barrel Fountains

We wanted to make a fountain using a half wine barrel as a base. For the first one, we repurposed a chair swing stand. We welded a base to hold the barrel and used some chain to use to make it appear as though the barrel were actually hanging from the swing.  An old hook and an urn were used. And we welded some arms to hang plants from.  I need to update this picture as we later figured out how to remove the coating on the chain so it would rust.

Fountain of Repurpose


For the next fountain, we built the base from lumber and decided to use old wine bottles for the water feature. We learned how to drill holes into glass bottles and constructed a somewhat touchy system of hanging the bottles, which we are rethinking. The vines that are holding the bottles are merlot vines we picked up at a vineyard that was being ripped out.

wine fountain
Wine Fountain

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